Wednesday, March 4, 2020

05-03-20 | Fast Proxy Server List

Fast Proxy Server List containing verified HTTP Proxies

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What is a proxy?

Proxy Server, also known as a proxy server, is a proxy for an Internet-connected user to access websites while hiding the user's IP address when he visits these sites. It is very similar to search engines in terms of usage and not the principle of work, and it can be considered as a magical masking energy for the user's IP address; for example when the user browses a web page using Proxy, it will be difficult for the website to monitor the user's IP due to the complete access between the computer and a server Web by proxy; in short, it is a medium to access the website instead of the user himself to secure the latter's machine.

This can also be defined as an electronic portal that allows the user to cross through to the Internet, where the request is sent by accessing the proxy to forward it to the site or address hidden under a new IP address, this comes in efforts to provide security and protection for the user.